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About Jeff Bishop

Jeff has a degree in Finance, a Master’s in Economics and 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Jeff had his fair share of business and trading failures and of ideas that didn’t turn out to be as great as he initially thought.

Jeff has a great sense of how to get an idea started to see if it works before putting resources behind the winners and cutting the losers.

He started trading stock options over 20 years ago, and credits trading and online poker playing as having taught him almost everything he knows about life.

Although Jeff is a MENSA member (the high IQ society), he has a natural ability to teach complex topics to others in simple, practical ways that help people succeed at what they learn.
Very down to earth, Jeff is open about sharing his mistakes and the lessons learned that got him to where he is today.

He lives in beautiful New England with his lovely wife of 24 years and their 3 children.

Ready to receive Jeff’s top option trade pick each week? Jeff’s Bullseye Trade is delivered to members via email and on the RagingBull Alerts App every Monday before the market opens. Jeff will even give you the price range he’s looking for to enter for the trade. At 11:00 AM (ET) each Monday.

Not convinced? Jeff has a great breakdown of a recent trade. Check it out, then take a look at these reviews from real customers:

Have this at the ready

For almost my entire adult life, I’ve lived near the water. Maybe that’s why, every July, I can’t get enough of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Since I’ve been so darn busy of late, I haven't had much time to chat about this year’s event that just ended on...

Best setup I see coming 📈

I begin today’s note with this, my favorite quote from this past week… “Great Call Jeff...I keep thinking buy your picks at the Monday open and usually it will go well........today was no exception” EDITOR’S NOTE: Jeff is about to show you how this is opening the...

This stock is com’n to papa

As a business owner, it’s rare that I get to sit down and actually enjoy a movie on a “school night.”  But last night was an exception. I came across the 1980 classic, Airplane, and, woah moma, it was AWESOME!  Rich in political INcorrectness, this movie is a...

Bright Idea

I am going to keep today’s alert short and sweet. I want to introduce you to BIMI International (BIMI)  Sometimes, I think a stock is worth looking at because of some news the market has missed, a fundamental story that isn’t getting enough attention, or maybe I...

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